Entre Fuegos



  • Kumamoto oyster (5 pcs)

    It acquires its name from the Kumamoto perfecture on the island of Kyushu in Japan, in Ariake Bay, was introduced in the 1990s on the US coast. and Mexico as a crop species, occurs best in San Quentin Bay and almost all of Baja California, is recommended with raspberry vinegar and echalot or a touch of yuzu.

  • Kumiai oysters (5 pcs)

    Unique with sweet notes and slight salinity, they are grown in the pristine waters of the Guerrero Negro Lagoon, part of the Ojo de Liebre Biosphere Reserve, they are grown individually from a seed to their commercial size, these oysters go great with a fruity white wine or an excellent root beer.

  • Kiliwa oysters (3 pcs)

    Japanese provenance, today is harvested the Laguna de Guerrero Negro B.C., is deep shell and large muscle, free of irregularities, good coverage and is not transparent, strong sea flavor.

  • Eastern Oyster (1 piece)

    One of Seattle’s most respected oysters, with a mild and excellent taste, is recommended with a glass of chardonnay.

  • Trilogy (180 g)

    Fine slices of ORA KING Salmon carpaccio, 17 ranch beef fillet and tuna, marinated in ponzu sauce and accompanied by avocado pearls, balsamic glace, baby spinach and sprouts.

Josper oysters

  • Josper oysters (5 pcs)

    Spinach with cream cheese, gruyere cheese and morita sauce.

  • King Crab

    Josper served and bathed in roasted garlic butter and lemon.

  • Colossal tiger shrimp (2 pcs)

    Cooked to josper with lemon butter and garlic.

Tiraditos Entre Fuegos

  • Hamachi (120 g)

    Very popular species, eaten smoked and raw, and are a seasonal specialty during the colder months, because it contains more fat, is considered special winter in the regions of Toyama and Hokuriku, today there are 100% sustainable farms covering the 120,000 tonnes per annum.

  • Sheets of Totoaba in macha (120 g)

    Con certificado de SAGARPA; damos perfectas láminas de Totoaba sustentable de la región de Ensenada. Salseadas con salsa macha de semillas, jugo de limón eureka, y salsa ponzu, se acompaña con cubos de aguacate, ajo frito y mayonesa de arúgula.

  • Rockot (120 g)

    Sweet and soft in taste, from San Benito Island in Baja California to the British Columbia Bering Sea in Canada, it grows in the depths of the sea, sometimes up to 200 meters deep. (Succulent sashimi, ponzu sauce, coastal pepper powder, cayenne pepper aguachile, chives, slices of fresh chilies and fried shallots).

  • Octopus Tiradito (120 g)

    Fine slices, chili oil, macha sauce, persian cucumber, avocado slices with ashes.

  • Yellowfin Tuna Tiradito (120 g)

    Delicious steak tuna, ponzu sauce, habanero mayonnaise, serrano pepper slices, sriracha sauce, avocado and sesame oil.

  • Peruvian ceviche from Huachinango

    Sweet potato, corn on the cob, cucumber, red onion and tiger milk.

  • Ceviche in the style of Vallejo

    Tanned for 24 hrs in witch sauce, lemon, oregano and laurel; served Mexican with avocado.

  • Lion Claw Tiradito (120 g)

    Served with our fresh piquín pepper sauce, red onion, avocado, fried yucca and mango slices.

  • Colossal Octopus Aguachile

    Smoked and golden josper; it is served in pieces in a bell pepper aguachile, fresh piquín pepper, onion, cilantro, cucumber, jicama in julienne, extra virgin olive oil drops and paprika.

Hot entrees

  • Jabugo (100 g)

    Acorn jabugo, accompanied with tomato bread.

  • Artichokes snatched away (150 g)

    Grilled josper, balsamic dressing and sauce.

  • Fried Provoleta

    Breaded in panko and fried, served with serrano ham and a hint of chimichurri.

  • Arbolillo Entre Fuegos

    Spanish croquettes with soap on top and a truffled tartar.

  • Roasted duck dumpling

    Stuffed with roasted duck, with sesame oil, ginger, onion, chives, roasted garlic and bathed in ponzú and asian chilli.

  • Wagyu dumpling

    Stuffed with wagyu A5, and bathed with a sake reduction and thin slices of fried cayenne pepper.

  • Beef of Mochomos

    Crispy strands of fried beef with garlic, scrambled beans, guacamole and rattlesnake sauce.

  • Bones

    Broiled Tuétanos, served with octopus.

  • Escamoles EF bone (1 piece)

    Broiled Tuétanos, served over with escamoles prepared with clarified butter, epazote, onion and freshly made tortilla.

  • EF Mochomo bone (1 piece)

    Broiled Tuétanos, served with mochomo and avocado pearls.

  • Milk EF bone

    Broiled marrow, served with an exquisite tripe of Rancho 17 milk, well browned and chopped, onion and finely chopped cilantro.

  • Beef Fries (300 g)

    Rib Eye chicharrón, T bone, guacamole, adobo and onion.

  • Burnt Octopus

    Wrapped in banana leaf, marinated in achiote, acuyo leaf, served with habaneros and red onion.

  • Roasted Cauliflower

    Served with house ponzu.


  • Rib Taco Nine – 9
    (3 pcs - 150 g)

    Baked for 12 hours. BBQ sauce, blue corn tortillas, jocoque, guacamole, mochomos and tabulé of banana peppers.

  • Duck Confit Tacos
    (3 pcs)

    Tortilla sobaqueada, duck prepared in table with truffle oil and flamed with wide kings, acitronated onion.

  • Prime Rib Tacos
    (3 pcs - 150 g)

    Succulent prime beef, tabulé, blue tortillas, roasted chili and fried pore straw.

  • Suckling Pig Tacos
    (3 pcs - 150 g)

    Served with refried beans, crispy suckling pig and chipotle mayonnaise and garlic; avocado cubes and flour tortillas.

  • Shrimp Tacos
    (3 pcs - 120 g)

    Butter shrimp, chopped onion, garlic oil, chipotle mayonnaise, gouda cheese, pickled onion, handled beans and avocado.

Between Drinks Botanero

  • Esquites EF

    Esquites served with marrow, chicharrón, roasted on griddle and served with our handmade mayonnaise.

  • Sopecitos EF

    Served with crushed beans, low-temperature golden rib shorts, marrow bone and raw green sauce.

  • Sweaty Little Basket

    Sweaty chicharrón tacos, jaiba, suaderito 15 hrs of PRIME, crushed bean tacos, served with the classic bike sauce.

  • Seafood Casserole and Garlic Goulash

    Cooked in burning extra virgin olive, octopus, shrimp and gulas, with roasted garlic, dried tree chili and potato slices, sprinkled with paprika and maldon salt, are accompanied with chocolates of roasted garlic mayonnaise and tated habanero mayonnaise.

  • Steamed Tongue

    Tongue cooked for 12 hrs waxed and base of crushed beans, are accompanied with freshly made tortilla.

  • Bone and Flesh

    Our select 17 ranch steak is breaded and sealed with chili powder, served on a table with marrow and ancho pepper and peanut sauce.


  • Fetuccini in lobster sauce (100 g)

    Aromatic dente pasta, lobster bisque, dehydrated tomato, basil and lobster.

  • Spaghetti with cheese (200 g)

    Creamy dente pasta, alfredo sauce, sheep’s cheese and serrano ham.

  • Lasagna

    Bolognese sauce with cream spinach.


  • Meat juice

    Explosive protein reduction, accompanied by Garden. You can order it with a touch of sherry.

  • Onion soup

    Traditionally made with its flamed cheese crust on a table with Pernod.

  • Artichoke chowder

    Refined blend of artichoke heart, brie cheese, gouda cheese, blue cheese and bacon.

  • Coriander of old

    Exquisite cilantro cream with quelite, huazuzontle and a touch of cream cheese, is accompanied with a small side of cheese quenelles, sprinkled with pasilla pepper powder and a chipotle gel.

  • Shrimp bisque

    Flamed at table with Chartreuse of herbs.

Carpaccios Elite (100g)

  • Aged Rib Eye
  • Aged Wagyu Cross
  • Onyx steak
  • Rib Eye Infinite Australian Wagyu
  • Japanese Wagyu
  • Japanese Wagyu
  • Kobe
  • Ora King Salmon

Steaks Quality Ranch 17

  • Rib Eye (350 g)
  • New York (350 g)
  • Rib Eye Roll (400 g)
  • Ranch Steak 17 (300 g)
  • Sonoran steak (600 g)
  • Cowboy (500 g)
  • Bife Center (300 g)
  • Arrachera (300 g)
  • Beef rib eye prime EF (175 g)
  • Rib Eye Kosher (350 g)
  • Short Rib Kosher (450 g)
  • Sonoran steak (1 kg)
  • Delmonico (1 kg)
  • Rib Eye Roll (1.2 kg)
  • Steak Top (600 g)

Prime Quality Exclusivity Group EF

  • Rib Eye Prime Ranch 17 (350 g)

    Company certified as a JAS (Japanese Agriculture Standard) company and becomes the first and only company in America to have such certification.

  • Picaña Ranch 17 (350 g)

    Company certified as a JAS (Japanese Agriculture Standard) company and becomes the first and only company in America to have such certification.

  • Exclusive To EF Manhattan Prime Ranch 17 (300 g)

    Exclusive court for Entre Fuegos Restaurants, which is produced under the strictest care of beef and of supreme excellence, national and Entre Fuegos pride.

Premium Cuts

  • Black Market Steak (350 g)

    270 days grain-fed, 3.4 marble score and 100% Black Angus Certificate.

  • Rib Eye Black Market (350 g)

    270 days grain-fed, 3.4 marble score and 100% Black Angus Certificate.

  • Onyx steak (350 g)

    One of the best breeding programs in Australia with very high marbling and excellent softness.

  • Rib Eye Onyx (350 g)

    Of the best meats and flavors that can be found with very high marbling, supreme smoothness and the best programs in the world.

  • Tomahawk Onyx (x gram)

    Extraordinary Rib Eye with long bone originating from Australia and with a high marbling.

  • Tomahawk Carrara (x gram)

    Impressive bone cut presented on the table and portioned on the table.

  • Aged Rib Eye (x gram – 100 g)

    Prime meat aged for 18 days, enough time to intensify its flavor.

  • Rib Eye Wagyu Cross (x gram) Akahusi Aged

    American Wagyu aged 32 days

  • New York WX (350 g)

    360 days grain fed. 100% Wagyu sire crossed with best fit dam; HGP free growth.

  • Tomahawk WX (x gram)

    Wagyu cross long bone rib eye from our Australian programs with high marbling.

  • Japanese Wagyu A5 (x gram)
  • Japanese Omi A5 (x gram)
  • Kobe A5 + (x gram)
  • Porter house INFINITE (x gram)

    Very select program from Australia with a very small percentage of slaughter, giving a very exclusive product in very few countries and exclusive restaurants.

  • Australian Tajima (300 g)

    Australian program based on Japanese tajima beef.

Todos los cortes se acompaña con una pequeña ollita de cobre con mantequilla clarificada y el toque especial de la casa de hierbas para barnizar su corte en mesa


  • Braised Octopus (220 g)

    Fresh seafood, josper roast with a touch of chimichurri, tartar dressing and garden vegetables.

  • Josper Salmon (220 g)

    New Zealand salmon, marinated in a cinnamon ancho chili marinade, cooked in josper on a shaker and served with farm potatoes and pickled red onion.

  • Octopus EF (220 g)

    Colossal octopus brimming in panko, salt powder, shrimp powder and furikake, served with eureka lemon and artisan mayonnaise.

  • Shrimp with Garlic U12 (170 g)

    Shrimp with garlic and potato wedges.

  • EF Burger (250 g)

    Prime quality, mounted with lettuce, tomato, truffle mayonnaise, American cheese, yellow cheese, cheese fondue, fried bacon, caramelized onion, an exquisite cream cheese breaded in fried panko and to finish a touch of tame chili sauce with lemon.

  • Josper Chicken (450 g)

    Irresistible taste of josper chicken, orange sauce, mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables.

  • Tuna Mengue smoked on table

    Delicate medallion crusted with sesame, peanut and ancho chili, teriyaki sauce and wasabi dressing with agave honey and roasted vegetables.

  • Snatch Salmon (250 g)

    Succulent salmon in the house marinade, finishing at the table with oregano butter and flambé with Grand Manie.

  • Red Snapper EF to size (1.4 kg approx)

    Red Snapper of the Gulf marinated and sifted josper.

  • Sonoran laminated (300 g)

    Smooth flamed flamed beef steak with truffle butter and herb Chartreuse.

  • Rib Nine (1.5 kg)

    Exquisite prime rib cooked for 12 hrs. Flambé with Ancho Reyes on the table and accompanied with guacamole, beans and corn tortilla.

  • Red Snapper EF (240g)

    Exquisite juicy red snapper cooked in the oven. Served with a bed of T-shirt potatoes and pico de gallo with macha sauce, avocado, red onion and fried male garlic.

  • Totoba fillet in yuzu sauce

    Accompanied by a mixture of vegetables and lettuce from the garden.


  • Asparagus

    Josper with extra virgin olive oil and Maldon salt.

  • Creamed spinach

    Spinach with gouda cheese and cream.

  • Mac & Cheese

    Macaroni, cheese and truffle oil.

  • Grilled vegetables

    Carrot, peppers, pumpkin and mushroom.

  • Potato and truffle aligot

    Mashed potatoes, brie cheese, gouda cheese and truffle oil.

  • Butter vegetables

    Baby carrot, peppers, patipan, green bean and pea.

  • Corn shelled with butter

    With butter and epazote.

  • Wild mushrooms and mushrooms

    Garlic or butter from the house.

  • Guacamole

    Avocado and panela cheese.

  • Mashed Potatoes

    Buttered mashed potatoes.

  • Potato Oven

    Alpha potato, bacon, chorizo and gouda cheese

  • Potato Parmesan

    Alpha potato, paprika butter and Parmesan cheese.

  • Potato Soufflé

    Ketchup and tartar dressing.

  • French Potato

    Ketchup and tartar dressing

  • Truffle Potato

    Roseada with white truffle oil.

  • Gorgonzola Potato

    Gratin with cheese sprinkles


  • Brie Cheese Salad

    Cheese breaded in panko and fried at high temperature, with a mixture of lettuce and arugula, accompanied by caramelised figs and fig and blackberry dressing.

  • Sheep Cheese Salad

    Mixture of baby spinach and arugula, accompanied by slices of semi-cured sheep's cheese, dried cranberries, seeds and house french dressing.

  • Hydroponic Salad

    Hydroponic tomatoes and Heirloom, served with a Modena vinaigrette.

  • Strawberry and Pear Salad

    Quinoa accompanied by pear, strawberry and avocado, ashen goat cheese, are bathed in a dressing of old mustard and honey.

  • Grilled Caesar Salad

    Reinterpretation of the traditional Caesar salad, parmesan cheese croutons, bread croutons and cherry tomatoes.

  • Josper Beetroot Salad

    Roasted beetroot in josper, served with goat cheese, balsamic reduction and a touch of eureka lemon.